Little Pieces of Sainthood
June 27, 2018
The Sweet Taste of Death
August 4, 2018

The time for sleep is over. Rise, you men of God, and claim the victory that is ours!

The world pines for the love of God. Look around you, look at everything going on in our world, our country, our homes, and in our families. Evil is having its way in our time, not because it is powerful, not because we are weak, but because the world is seeking desperately to be fulfilled and espoused with God, but it cannot find Him. Our culture is writhing in anguish at the emptiness inside it; it cannot find peace, it cannot find love, though it is trying with all its might. In its search for something to fill the void, the world has fallen to the temptations of the evil one. It thinks it has found the answer. “Love everyone just as they are,” the world cries. It knows that love is the answer, but it has lost the meaning of what love truly is, and has replaced it with lust.

Are We Asleep?

Where were we when the world called out for help? Where were we when we knew all along the cure for the sickness, the cancer, growing in our culture? We are asleep. We are failing in our call to bring Christ to the world.

“But I’m not a missionary,” you say.

Then you aren’t a true follower of Jesus!

“I don’t want to offend anyone” or “People don’t like it when we talk about religion.”

That is the sorriest excuse for failing to evangelize God’s people.

“I don’t know how,” or “I’m afraid, what if people don’t understand? Or what if they make fun of me?”

Never forget, that if you strive after God, nothing can stand in your way. Don’t read those words as just some nice thought, don’t just let them sit there empty. NOTHING can stand in your way. If you take up the cross and abandon your petty little insecurities, your selfishness, your cares and worries to Jesus, the kingdoms of this world will crumble at your feet. If you go out and try to do anything with your own power, you will fail. But, if you do the will of God, the world will change around you in ways you couldn’t even begin to imagine.

Are You a Saint?

If you understand what I’m saying, then you know that I’m talking about sainthood.

“But I’m not a saint,” I hear you cry!

No, you aren’t. But this is the most beautiful part of our faith: God loves you anyway. He can do beautiful and incredible things with imperfect instruments. Unfortunately, so many of us stop there, we say “Oh, God loves me. Sure, I love him too, but it doesn’t really matter what I do, God will love me no matter what.” You know what that translates to? “I don’t love God enough to care.”

And so, our world is dying. The men of God are asleep while the world wastes away. God is not just calling you to sainthood, he is calling you to be a MAN. We are called to be sons of God. We are called to live and fight and die for Our Father. As men, everything we do should point outward; our jobs and our livelihood are for our families and for those in our care, our time and energy should be spent for their sake. Should a man turn inward on himself, he turns away from God. Therefore, give of yourself all the more. Look at everything you do, everything you have, everything you are, and think to yourself “is this something that is pointing towards me?” If it is, it is pointing away from God. Get rid of it. Throw it away. Tear it out of your life because it is a cancer that is killing you, and God wants you to live. “I came that you may have life, and have it abundantly.”

Are you Up to the Challenge?

I challenge you to LIVE!

I challenge you to start ripping out those pieces of yourself and your life that are keeping you from being a saint. What is stopping you? Are you afraid? Of what? That things might not work out? Maybe you’ll be uncomfortable? Maybe people will think your crazy? Don’t be a coward.
Don’t be lazy. Don’t be stupid. You are asleep. The time for sleep is over. Rise you man of God, and claim the victory that is ours. In our slumber we have let the world fall into darkness, but now the hour has come for the men of God to conquer this world again in His most glorious name.

So go, with the cross on your shoulders, the word of God on your lips, and the fire of God’s love in your heart; go and set the world ablaze!

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