Are You Showing Forth Your Love of Christ?

Little Pieces of Sainthood
June 27, 2018

Are You a Tabernacle or a Monstrance?

You have heard it said “we are tabernacles for Our Lord in the Eucharist”. What a beautiful image: humbly protecting and sheltering Our Lord as a repository for His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. But there is something lacking here.
Yes, we are to guard and be sanctified by His presence within us, but, for those of us who aren’t called to the monastic life, if all we do is sit in a church and wait alone for Our Lord, we have failed Him. I exhort you today to not only be a tabernacle for Jesus, but be a monstrance for Him. Be the one who displays and magnifies the Glory of Our Lord. Be the one who radiates His Love to all who look upon you.

The monstrance is a beautiful creation, bedecked with jewels and gold, resplendent and treasured. So too must you be for Our Lord. But remember – and this is important – that while the monstrance is beautiful, it serves absolutely no purpose other than to hold up the Eucharist and display Him to the world. When Jesus is not in the monstrance, it stands useless, empty, and forgotten, completely without purpose. This should be the same for you, and quite frankly it is, whether you realize it yet or not. You are useless without God.

What a Monstrance Does

Still, the monstrance does serve one purpose, namely, it serves to display, and so venerate, Jesus in the most Blessed Sacrament. Its singular purpose is to reveal Christ to the world in the most magnificent way that it can. In its one task, the monstrance fulfills its entire existence and in doing so brings ever greater glory to God. All of its beauty in its gold, its jewels, its sanctity, are all solely directed towards the magnification of the glory of God.

Everything you are, do, and want should be directed to that same one goal. The pinnacle of Christian Life is to live for the sole purpose of magnifying the glory and love of God to the world around us and in our own hearts; to know, love and serve God at every moment, in every place, in everything we do.
May you be a monstrance for God, and may every fiber of your being be set ablaze for love of God, that you may in turn set the world ablaze for Him.
May God Bless you every day of your life.

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